Keys to read a complicated book and be delighted.

 Or how to get the right keys to the castle.

Or how to get the right keys to the castle.

On my daily research, I am all the time having to deal with new writers, thinkers, many genius people that wrote so important things and in some way, I need at least understand or try to understand one percent of they know and what they importance for my research.

Throughout the time I am trying to develop some consistent way to deal with this necessity to absolve a fast knowledge in a consistent way.

Understand a profound, poetical, historical or political concept is something that requires some dedication, a philosophic concept is not understood in a few lines, very often you have to go deep, in some cases, most of them deep is not even the beginning. I wanted cry many times trying to understand Heidegger or Kant for example.

I don’t have any presumption to explain any concept or make you follow my way to do things, but honestly, I will write what works for me when I am trying to get into some authors ideas and discover their world.

#1 — Understanding the pass.

For me, the best way to start understanding something is from the beginning. Go back to the past is reflect on the time, is build connections through the discover till the development of an idea. Review the pass will always help to make us understand how and where something started and them capt they reasons and principles. Going back to the history of the thought is the most important thing for me when I am trying to collect information.

#2 — Commentators

The importance of reading commentators, they are the people who before you scaled the Everest, so they know well the easiest way to achieve the top. A few years ago I was front of the Nietzche books and lost de on his concepts, Nietzche writes by aphorisms and usually don’t explain what he’s trying to say.

In this case, had a commenter able to guide me when I get lost for many times on the Saara that is the Nietzche mind was extremely needed.

3 - The Lovers

Read authors who love your author.

Harold Bloom was a kind of guru for me when I was reading Shakespeare. When I was reading Shakespeare I had many curiosities about many many things, Shakespeare is really fascinating and when you get his world you get delighted.

Harold Bloom take me by my hands and together we were visiting each room from Shakespeare castle, he gave me the necessary keys, he gave me reasons to keep a hard work, and he made me even more fascinated with Shakespeare works.

 #4 — The Antagonists

The opposite side of love also works well if you consider that someone that decides to criticise or oppose they opinion about an author or idea, they at least supposed to know very well about what they are talking. Leszek Kołakowski a famous polish writer who has important books and theses about Marxism, Socialism and Communism was a great antagonist of all those ideas revealing the B-side of what is known in common sense about those themes and about they lovers and seekers. Read and understand the other side of an idea is very important to me, this is how I can build my point of view, comparing the ideas and putting things together to find out if they support or destroy each other.

 #5 — Read again and again.

The last but not the least.

I am re-reading books always when they come to my mind, even if its just a page or a chapter, or even some quotes. Reading again brings always something new, something that we couldn’t get in the first time o something we weren’t ready to understand in that moment. For me reading again is a part of the first read, even if I am reading again a book that I read for the first time ten years ago. Many times I caught myself reading something and thinking “wow, so this is what they mean, great”. I am very often very surprised.

I shared with you my keys to get the mind or a complex author or book, I am curious to know yours, comment, share this article with your friends and clap to make this article keep alive.