The 3 most important steps for a post on instagram


How to stay creative?
On Instagram, different from another social media for photographers like Uplash or Ello, posting frequently is kind of obligatory to keep alive on the platform. Try don’t post on Instagram for a week or a month, you will be considered a missing person, but, posting every day three pictures per day can be a little hard if you’re not posting cats, food or travel pictures. Something that works for me is looking around myself, the real world and the visual messages received along the day. I try to focus on a subject or context when I am shooting, have an idea on my mind helps to take decisions, this is the first thing I do, I just look around, the place, the people, the situation guide my ideas and drive me for the second step. I am all the time looking what people are posting and trying to understand what they are trying to say by their pictures. Looking for what people are doing gives me clues and I can always think to go on an opposite side or try to improve some idea, try the same concept with a different meaning, in a different place, or different order, it’s a challenging game for myself, look to photographers that I love, be inspired to them and try to copy their style but putting my eyes and my heart on it. Another way to be creative is escape from the hype, in my opinion, if you wanna have a solid perspective about what you do or about what you’re trying to create, keep far from the hype, reject the fads, it can look cool but its only a replication without any sense of something that looks cool. Shot thinking to look for your pictures in the future and have the same feeling in your guts.

How to shot better?
What I mean whit shotting better is not in common whit shot as a professional, have the best gear, go to amazing places, shot better is keep something consistent, doesn’t matter how you’re shooting, phone, camera, analogical, what we wanna see is nice pictures, so shoot better is much more about your taste, your way to tell something, how you present the history printed in some picture. I started my career before to go studying graphic design on a university, I was a photographer assistant, I worked whit this guy about 2 years and I learned a lot with him, he is that kind of photographer who can shot everything, he is not stocked in an only one style or only one business of photography. During this time what I liked the most was make pictures from the backstage, when he was in the studio with models I was shotting the staff, the walls, the equipments, everything around, for me, this side was the side of the real things, another side was a world of interpretation, where the scenery, the light, the people were completely created to that time showing they face expressions, but in another side I could capture real emotions, real people, real worker life. For some time I made from this a routine and I tried to make this better and better, I ran through pictures of bored people drinking coffee and models waiting to look at their phones to peoples faces os frustration, happiness and thoughtful eyes, I could felt how I changed and how I was shooting better, how training my eyes day by day helped to improve my technique and my style in a search of emotions and expressions.

How to write?
For me, a post on Instagram is just complete whit a nice text, I believe that pictures can talk about their selves but, when the post has a nice introduction or some engaging description it becomes even more powefull because it creates connection, it creates expectations and imagination of people whos looking to the pictures and reading the description, for many times I catch myself asking what happened before the shot, or how the person made the shot and what the history behind. I follow many people who don´t have nice pictures but they know very well how to describe and motivate by the words they write, they, not photographers, they are not trying to have a million followers they are just showing the pictures and telling the history about the picture. It brings the picture, a normal photography to a next level where they really represent something, where they tell history or they make part of something. So in your next Instagram post risk to write something, more than hashtags, put something more on your pictures, make a question, answer a question, start a discussion, engage your viewers, make then participate, maybe they will answer in your commentaries, have in mind that your picture is the medium that people will come to you and visit your profile and like your pictures, and writing will make then participate, talk and write to you.

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