A few lines about me.


I am a filmmaker, screenwriter and video post-producer, who works with film studios and advertisement agencies to make creative videos who engage the people and tell stories. 

I have acquired great experience in recent years working as an assistant director in video production also directing and producing my own documentary. I also have experience as a photographer, video editor and motion designer in television channels, advertisement agencies and video producers.

I have worked for creative agencies including Ogilvy FR, Atkins UK, O2 filmes BR, as a freelancer for clients like PepsiCo, Samsung & Ford to name a few.

I am also a Documentarist.

I finished my latest documentary in a few months ago, titled "Being" is a Documentary where I discuss the main questions about the personal relationship, that we, human being have with ourselves. The interviewees had to face questions as What is its value? What would you miss if you do not exist? The answers are amazing and unexpected.

I am a book addicted.

Since I was a child, my mom an very classical teacher, always said, books will be your best company forever, I never forget about it and I have a book with me wherever I go.

Films are my biggest passion.

From the literature born on me the greatest passion for cinema and movies in my life, I remember the first film I watched in one of the last working street cinema from my city, the movie was, Interview with the Vampire, I was 8 years old at that time and the experience of watch a movie in a darkroom changed my life forever and still nowadays I keep repeating the same craziness to put my eyes front a screen and enjoy my favour movies