The Awakening




Director & Colourist: Alan Alves

Creative Director: Guillaume Champeau

Director of Photography: William Sossai

1st Assistant: Zika Neprilika 

2nd Assistant: Bosko Trifunovic

Head of Production: Pedro Ramos

Production Company: Roundtrip Films 

Lead Editor: Chris Behnisch

Sound Design: Luke Hester

Art Director: Ruben Elstner 

Art Director, Design: Marie-Julie Lörch

Photography: Ruben Elstner 

Script: Guillaume Champeau, Seana Forbes, Shaun Mahon, Murilo Macul

Concept: Guillaume Champeau, Murilo Macul, Shaun Mahon, Ellie Hughes, Alan Alves, Ruben Elstner







Let’s make something awesome!



I am a multidisciplinary and highly imaginative filmmaker with a versatile skill set, also a visual explorer inspired by a cinematic eye and a passion to always push the creative boundaries of my work.





I am an Editor, Colorist & Motion Designer with many years of global experience. With a keen eye for detail and urge for innovation. Mixing bold artistic vision with high technical expertise.



I am a Graphic designer, Photographer and retoucher with more than 6 years experience, based in Poland. Always looking for agencies, creative partners or freelancer jobs around the world. 

A reflection of the moment captured, a moment that can never be repeated.


Photography has become one of many ways to reveal my soul and show my feelings and it has been my passion for a few years. My work probably says more about me than anything I could, photography and Film connect me and they are my voice.



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Ser humano é entender a fragilidade de cada movimento que pode sempre ser o ultimo, e perceber o quanto isso pode ser crucial para definir cada passo dado durante a vida, seis diferentes relações de pessoas completamente diferentes sobre o que é ser humano.



To be a Human being is to understand the fragility of every movement that can always be the last and realize how crucial it can be to define each step taken during life, six different relationships of completely different people about what it is to be human.


Director’s Statement from Alan Alves, Director of Being.

I am a curious person, all the time trying to see the magic of the storytelling that is the real life day by day minute after minute of our lives. By all forms of media such as audio, visual, storytelling I can create the more powerful piece of art creating and recreating ideas, stories, concepts and feelings. I am completely passionate about the art of expressing myself as a filmmaker by the importance of saying what I have inside me, the image in movement rules my life.
I want to create videos that have a strong connection with life, I want to say what I think about life.
The last film that I produce and directed, called Being is a documentary that argues about the meaning and of the importance of to being human, I questioned persons about their self-relationships with the world around them.
The life, literature and philosophy move my thoughts, and the films that I do are the result of all that affects me.


Director: Alan Alves
Screenplay: Alan Alves, João Pereira, Sílvia Sanahuja
Producer: João Pereira, Sílvia Sanahuja
Photography: Alan Alves, Jõao Pereira, Sílvia Sanahuja
Editing: Alan Alves
Sound Mix: Alan Alves
Sound Design: Igor Almeida


I have been working and collaborating with photographers, illustrators, designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and storytellers all over the globe in several different projects on TV programs, commercials, short films, documentaries and more.

I'm also a freelancer and interested in any commissioned projects in art direction, photography and film. If you’d like to know more or get some advice on a project please get in touch!

For inquiries for video shoots, screenplays, video editing and post-production:
You also can always make a call:
+49 151 521 77093‬

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Rotenbergstr, 58

A few lines about me.


I am a filmmaker, screenwriter and video post-producer, who works with film studios and advertisement agencies to make creative videos who engage the people and tell stories. 

I have acquired great experience in recent years working as an assistant director in video production also directing and producing my own documentary. I also have experience as a photographer, video editor and motion designer in television channels, advertisement agencies and video producers.

I have worked for creative agencies including Ogilvy FR, Atkins UK, O2 filmes BR, as a freelancer for clients like PepsiCo, Samsung & Ford to name a few.

I am also a Documentarist.

I finished my latest documentary in a few months ago, titled "Being" is a Documentary where I discuss the main questions about the personal relationship, that we, human being have with ourselves. The interviewees had to face questions as What is its value? What would you miss if you do not exist? The answers are amazing and unexpected.

I am a book addicted.

Since I was a child, my mom an very classical teacher, always said, books will be your best company forever, I never forget about it and I have a book with me wherever I go.

Films are my biggest passion.

From the literature born on me the greatest passion for cinema and movies in my life, I remember the first film I watched in one of the last working street cinema from my city, the movie was, Interview with the Vampire, I was 8 years old at that time and the experience of watch a movie in a darkroom changed my life forever and still nowadays I keep repeating the same craziness to put my eyes front a screen and enjoy my favour movies